Hayden Haddock – Better Than Your Memory (2022)

Hayden Haddock is bringing some traditional country music to the tones of soft rock with ‘Better Than Your Memory’. Written by Trent Willmon, Jim Beavers and Brice Long, the country dance worth melody is completed by the twang of a steel guitar. Adding Haddock’s vocals to the mix, the single becomes a real earworm for everyone, even those who are not that into country music.

As part of his lead-up to his upcoming EP release, this single gives us a taste of what is to follow. A trailblazing singer, Haddock recently won the Emerging New Artist award at the Texas Regional Radio Awards. Haddock’s charming vocal abilities have also seen him recently open for Randal Kin, Kyle Park and Kevin Fowler.

‘Better Than Your Memory’ captures your imagination from the first second with the traditional country tone. There is a line-dancing vibe to the music that makes you want to move around to the melody. The pulse of the guitars and beats makes you, at the very least, move from side to side before the guitar riffs take over. There is an addictive hook to those guitar riffs that lead you to a dancing piano line. Each melodic element in the melody enhances the dancing movement of the music. While there is a heavy traditional country flow to the music, there is a soft rock edge resting in the lower levels, that comes through more as the single progresses.

The traditional country tones are bolstered by Haddock’s vocals that make you think of Nashville country bar and dancing. His performance has that quintessential country twang to it that lifts something inside you and makes you want to dance to the melody. As he finishes the country touches of the single, the lyrics are packed with an ode to a girl he still likes after their breakup. The lyrics have a storytelling vibe that perfectly paints the scene only for you to feel the emotions through Haddock’s performance. You can hear the awe he feels as she enters the room and the way she circles his thoughts, even though they have broken up.

Hayden Haddock’s moving country sound has you wanting to dance while drawing you into his feelings for someone he has broken up with in ‘Better Than Your Memory’. From the first moment, the melody has you moving and throws your mind into country bars and line dancing. Haddock’s vocals finish off the country vibes with an engaging twang.

Find out more about Hayden Haddock on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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