Euphemia Rise – Farewell to Greatness (2020)

Do you enjoy music that combines loud guitars with some more arty elements for some experimentally beautiful tones? Well, Euphemia Rise ticks all these boxes with his debut single ‘Farewell to Greatness’. While creating a melded soundscape, he touches on feelings of loneliness and sexual confusion. This is countered by a nostalgia for a time that is both beautiful and terrifying.

This sound was born from the feeling that current alternative rock has been playing it safe and avoiding taking any risks. Wim Lankriet, the man behind the rise, is a multi-instrumentalist who is looking to do the opposite and liberate music from the confines of templates and stereotypes.

‘Farewell to Greatness’ hits you with the blended sounds from the first moment. There are warping tones that swell and zip around your head merging with a tragically beautiful gothic piano line. Throughout the single, experimental sounds rise and fall against a more traditional alternative rock backing. Together they form an avant-garde sound that pushes the boundaries of what modern alternative is doing. While these layers could be overwhelming, Lankriet is able to fuse them together for a seamless soundscape.

While the layers of the melody push against the bounds, the vocals add to the dark gothic feeling of the track. There is a touch of hazy rock to his performance as he lightly drones through the soundscape. Through his vocal delivery, you are filled with a sense of nostalgia and a creeping sense of darkness. With female backing vocals, his performance is as multi-layered as the melody as it pushes you into the mists of the soundscape.

Euphemia Rise pushes the boundaries of alternative rock with tragically beautiful piano lines merging with experimental sounds and shadowy nostalgia in ‘Farewell to Greatness’. The multi-layered sounds of the track send you spiralling into the terrifyingly beautiful atmosphere Lankriet creates. This is a single that you can easily listen to repeatedly and feel like you are hearing something new each time.

Find out more about Euphemia Rise on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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