Hounds Haul – The Roamer (2020)

Hounds Haul got our hearts racing with their single ‘Riviera’. They are continuing the high energy pace with their latest track ‘The Roamer’. The energetic anthem is best played at high volume as it pounds through your bones and pumps you up from start to finish. It is not only the energy that remains for this single as it bursts with their unique sound.

While this is one of the band’s favourite tracks to play live, they have been able to capture the unadulterated energy of their performance in the recording. Their dynamic soundscape gets the heart racing as you want to move to the beats they lay down. Carrying on the strength of their last single, this one will have you firmly under their spell.

‘The Roamer’ shimmers into a lively existence from the first second. There is a pace to the melody that has the energy of the band pounding through you. As the melody surrounds you, your foot starts to tap before you are set floating on the shimmering changes of the melodic flow. There is a wonderful dynamic movement to the music that you get drawn into. The forward momentum of the music has an anthemic vibe to it that you are swept up in.

The energy of the music is given direction by Bosworth’s vocals. His performance moves with the flow of the melody for a dynamic experience. He pulls you into the pace of the verses only to fling you into a floating soundscape for the chorus. The backing vocals add a depth to the performance while enhancing the overall fun you have listening to the song.

‘The Roamer’ shimmers to life infused with the energy of Hounds Haul and a dynamic melodic movement. The melody covers you from the first second while getting you tapping to the rhythm. The movements in the music are given direction by the vocals which continue the energetic and lively sound before sending you adrift for the chorus. Together they create a single that will have you firmly under the band’s spell.

Find out more about Hounds Haul on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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