Hyet – Concrete Moon (2022)

There are a lot of songs out there about toxic relationships and Hyet is offering his take with ‘Concrete Moon’. Through the rock and shoegaze tones, he looks at overcoming these relationships to better yourself and your surroundings, to live your best life. His take on these relationships doesn’t focus on one particular situation, but considers the toxic people around us who tell us we are not good enough.

Through the single, Hyet contrasts the toxic utterances of others with the promise to never stop trying to make your life better. It is a very empowering and motivating single that builds the strength and confidence that toxic people love to tear down. Using a completely DIY creative process, he reminds us all that we are strong enough to do anything we want, regardless of what others have to say.

‘Concrete Moon’ has you bouncing to the movement of the guitars from the first moment. The melody throws you into the indie rock sound that has you bopping away to the rhythm. This leads you to an amazing guitar riff that plucks at your brain before you sink into the river of sound. The music has this current that swirls around your ankles, tugging you in the direction it wants you to go. While moving, the melody has a soft feeling that nudges at you but doesn’t expect anything from you. It is a wonderful movement that lifts some of the tension from your shoulders, while acknowledging what put it there to start with.

While you ride the current of the melody, Hyet’s vocals slip into your brain. His performance is smooth and easy through the opening verse. As he leads you into the chorus, his performance gains a growl that runs up your spine. The lyrics touch on the way toxic people tear you down to the point where you think you can’t do anything to better your life. While touching on this, Hyet builds up your strength and rejects what is being said, letting you know that you are strong enough to chase your dreams. There is a direct confrontation in the vocals as he unleashes everything you may want to say to the toxic people in your own life.

Hyet takes on toxic people and the way they tear others down through the confrontation of ‘Concrete Moon’ that builds your strength back up again. The melody has an indie rock movement that tugs you into the current of the music. Hyet’s vocals are smooth as they slide into the single, only to gain a light growl as he confronts the toxic people in our lives.

Find out more about Hyet on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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