I Am the Unicorn Head – David Bowie (2022)

We all have our favourite artists and I Am the Unicorn Head is no different. With their single ‘David Bowie’, they are paying tribute to one of their favourite musicians in a heartfelt and unapologetic way. A catchy earworm, the single brings new wave and indie-rock together while offering a lyrical trivia quiz of all things Bowie.

While an ode to the artist, the single showcases the band’s ability to push boundaries while getting their music stuck in your head. Created during the pandemic, this two-piece band draws on various influences to create their unique and engaging sound. While improving their mental health during the pandemic through making music, they have also created singles that have landed them on BBC Introducing and Tom Robinson’s national ‘Mixtape’ show.

‘David Bowie’ gently strums into your ears with the warm sway of an acoustic guitar. This slides into a hazy and slightly psychedelic wave that has you sinking into the sound. It is a tender caress against your ears that you want to soak up. While there is a very gentle and lulling movement to the melody, the underlying beats shuffle you endlessly forward. You can hear the influence of Bowie throughout the single, but there is something wonderfully unique added to the movement of his music. This creates a wonderful tribute through the music that is sprinkled with the band’s unique sound. Through all of this, the feeling of wanting to sink back into the sound never leaves you and leaves you feeling wonderfully light.

While you sink into the melody, the vocals wash over you like a new wave mist. There is an echoing feeling to the performance that reaches out into the soundscape while closing around you like a warm embrace. The lyrics draw you into a tale that traverses through different Bowie songs and his life. There is a softness to the performance that is utterly wonderful and has you breathing deeply to the easy movement. Delicately woven into the lyrics are little hints of Bowie songs that make you smile as you remember the music they are linked to. While heavily leaning on the tribute to the artist, the vocals also sweep out into something much bigger.

I Am the Unicorn Head pays tribute to one of the favourite artists with the new wave wash and easy chilled tones of ‘David Bowie’. The music is gentle as it wraps around you and draws you into its lulling movement. The vocals softly echo through the soundscape while the lyrics hint at all things Bowie.

Find out more about I Am the Unicorn Head on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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