The Confederation – Razor Teeth (2022)

The Confederation filled us with their seductive sound while leaving troubles in the past with ‘Coat in the Hallway’. With their single ‘Razor Teeth’, they express the conflict of love as it lifts you up while carrying the ability to completely crush you. Packed with enchanting and raw energy the single weaves a beguiling power into your veins.

Bringing a light caress of blues to classic rock and soul-rock instrumentation, the band continues their blending of diverse styles and sounds. With a change-up in their lineup for this single, Lynz Crichton (vocals) and Simon Jolly (keyboards) are joined by Kevin Maxim (vocals) and Timmy (guitar). This artistic collective pulls you in with their polished live sound and creates a wash of emotion akin to musical greats.

‘Razor Teeth’ blends blues and rock from the first guitar note. There is something about the music that twangs through you and vibrates like a live wire. The raw yet smooth and seductive energy of the band flows through the music and slides through your senses. It is as hypnotic as it is enjoyable with a sophisticated slip and electrifying soar to the guitars. Carefully making its way through the low levels of the melody is a thrumming beat that has your feet tapping away to its rhythm. As the single progresses, the guitars fly out with the pure goodness of blues-rock making you want to close your eyes and give in to the movement. Each instrument adds to the enchanting movement of the single and pulls you further under the band’s spell.

While you fall into the power of the melody, the vocals bring a soulful velveteen slide to your ears. There is a slight smirk to the vocals as they delve into lyrics that tease the line between euphoria and crushing hurt. The performance is as heady as the music and slinks into your brain with polished ease. The soulful vocals dance around the instrumentation taking the single to new heights. The backing vocals add a bluesy depth to the track with a touch of old-school soul that is utterly wonderful to hear. It is impossible to listen to this track and not fall hopelessly under the beguiling power of the collective.

The Confederation has you sliding under the bluesy soul sound with the raw yet sophisticated sounds of ‘Razor Teeth’. As the music pulls you in, the vocals walk the line between the euphoria of love and the crushing hurt it can bring. Through all of this, the vocals are a seductive slide of blues and soul that is wonderful to listen to.

Find out more about The Confederation on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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