Ian J – Trouble in the World (2020)

While there are a lot of songs about love out there, few take the same route as ‘Trouble in the World’ by Ian J. As this single looks at love, it focuses on being open to others and welcoming people who are different to you. It encourages us to try understanding life from their perspective. The message of this single seems particularly important right now.

Ian J wrote this single on the day George Floyd was murdered, but it moved from a dedication to him to something much bigger. Through his gentle soundscape, he urges us to make the world a better place by being more understanding.

‘Trouble in the World’ draws you in with a guitar and piano opening line. There is a softness to the melody that you float along. However, while there is this softness, there is also something darker and sad resting within the notes. This sombre tone remains but there is a swell to the melody that sends shivers down your spine. The movement of the melody enhances the emotions of the vocals and lyrics.

Ian J’s vocals continue the softness of the melody, but he cuts through you with the emotion of the single. Each word has so much depth that it hits you deep in the chest and leaves you feeling quite emotional. The lyrics of the track add to this emotional shove. The harmonisations bolster the emotional impact of the single and are so perfectly executed while having this rawness to them.

Ian J will leave you feeling emotional as he urges us to understand each other in ‘Trouble in the World’. The song is hard-hitting in this gentle way that leaves you brimming with emotions. The softness of the melody and vocals enhance the messaging for a serious emotional hit.

Find out more about Ian J on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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