Spirits Republic – On & Bound (2020)

The emotive ‘City Lights’ got us hooked to the finesse of Spirits Republic. Now they are turning from breakup songs to something you would hear in an action movie with ‘On & Bound’. The single showcases their genre-fluid style with more funk than previous releases. The spontaneity of the band has you on the edge throughout the track.

The band uses their willingness to try new ideas and content to the fullest for this song. The accompanying music video reflects the band’s sense of humour and is extremely enjoyable to watch. Created during the pandemic, the video keeps you entertained and moving to the music.

‘On & Bound’ has this really funky bass line that gets you hooked in the opening that leads to these equally funky and infectious notes. The melody has this pace to it that makes you want to move to it before it swings to something a little softer. The melody is alluring and sleek while pumping you up and get you addicted to it. There are these pauses in the melody that lead to some awesome guitar lines that you can’t help but get into. Just as you are grooving to the melody there is an explosion of sound that pulses through you.

Over the melody are the smooth and reverb hit vocals of singer Russel Somer. His performance is as alluring and sleek as the melody. It slides against your ear smoothly and draws you further into the song. His performance is this great thread through the paced melody that keeps you centred.

The music video is a blast to watch as it portrays a bride-to-be with the one friend who showed up to the bachelorette party. Drummer Perry Dornbush is the lead in the video as stated in the disclaimer at the start of the video. There is a whole story in the video that you need to buckle up for. The story of the party is interrupted with scenes of the band playing this single. You never quite know what is going to happen in the video which makes it a lot of fun.

Spirits Republic get you grooving to a funky tone with their infectiously upbeat single ‘On & Bound’. The song captures you with the funky bass while the vocals smoothly draw you into the song. The music video is so much fun to watch and really showcases the band’s humour.

Find out more about Spirits Republic on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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