Icecolddiamond – Ansietat (2020)

Icecolddiamond is an independent artist from Barcelona exploring electronic and psychedelic music. He is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and producer influenced by a range of music from David Bowie to Marilyn Manson. His debut album was released in 2019, but ‘Ansietat’ is his new track from his new project to be released later this year.

The inspiration for this track is the anxiety attacks icecolddiamond suffers from. The song is a way to calm down and channel his feelings. The goal is to help people feel relaxed and at peace with themselves when they listen. The track is also in his mother language of Catalan to give a better insight into this mind.

‘Ansietat’ has a creeping start that draws you in slowly in a dark style. The vocals enter in the same tone with echoes and some electronic elements. The melody of the track is relaxed and reminiscent of meditative music. The melody does pick up as the song progresses while retaining the calming vibes.

While the lyrics are in Catalan, you do not need to understand them to get the message of the track. Icecolddiamond’s emotive vocal performance and the, at times, driving melody transcends language. You can tell the state of his mind in the song as it moves from anxiety to calm.

Icecolddiamond channels his anxiety and promotes a calm mind with ‘Ansietat’. While the song is in Catalan, you do not need to understand the words to get the message and benefit from the relaxing tones. The combination of synths and his own dark style make this a great introduction to his new work.

Find out more about icecolddiamond on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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