Jacqueline Loor – I Broke My Heart (2021)

With heartwarming intensity, singer-songwriter Jacqueline Loor sends shivers down your spine with her distinct sound. Influenced by the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, U2 and Coldplay, the multi-instrumentalist merges light and heavy genres in her boundary-breaking style. Based in Spain, but raised in the USA, Loor is reaching an international audience featured in Turtle Tempo, KMS Reviews, Fierce Fabulous Revolution, as well as a music video premiere on Telemundo. The latest addition to her well-received repertoire is ‘I Broke My Heart’.

Her first self-produced track, ‘I Broke My Heart’ layers dynamic instrumentation with harmonic vocals creating a kaleidoscopic soundscape. What I find intriguing about the melody is the placement of diverse instruments below the isolated vocals. What I mean is, the merging of piano and strings seems to create a whirlpool carrying Loor’s haunting voice.

Touching on issues of isolation, desperation and self-doubt, ‘I Broke My Heart’ is an engaging track for anyone who has felt heartache. Yet, while there is a melancholic poignancy to the track, the narrative prompts lingering optimism in the pool of despair. The presence of poor decisions is elegantly execution in the flowing melody; however, the ethereal vocals inject acceptance and self-empowerment in the dismal situation. Odd, considering the vocals are heartbreaking in themselves.

“This song is about someone realising they are always left heartbroken not because someone else broke their heart, but because they keep choosing the wrong partner. They don’t feel they are worthy and they don’t feel like they are enough, so they always settle for someone who doesn’t make them happy… they just keep choosing the wrong people until one day they realise they have the power to stop the heartbreak.” – Jacqueline Loor on ‘I Broke My Heart’

Beautiful in its simplicity, the acoustic-inspired single nods toward Enya’s otherworldliness with Loor’s eclectic edge. Rich and robust, but with a siren-esque sound, ‘I Broke My Heart’ cascades down your back, burrows into your heart and leaves you gasping for breath.

For more from Jacqueline Loor check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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