Idler Wheel – Sun Still Finds the West (2020)

A lot of people are imagining the day when they can get back to crowded clubs and celebrating with other people. If you are wondering what that day might be like, Idler Wheel helps you out with ‘Sun Still Finds the West’. The single creates a lo-fi yet cinematic experience as it considers the emotions of the day. Channelling Hum and Smashing Pumpkins, the single inundates you with a modern indie sound.

The imagination of a day without restrictions is packed with warm synths and soaring choruses. While Idler Wheel has spent the last 15 years as a filmmaker, he pulled his old music gear out when the pandemic hit. Setting up a studio in his basement, he started recording an album with this single being the third from it.

‘Sun Still Finds the West’ has a very lo-fi feeling to the opening that gives way to a more modern indie sound. There is a haziness to the melody that creates a warmth. There is also an honest and authentic feeling to the melody as it fizzes across your ears. As the melody progresses, it takes on an almost anthemic vibe as it expands and becomes more encompassing. The wide soaring feeling of the chorus makes you think of people gathered together to celebrate something wonderful.

Idler Wheel’s vocals float above the melody like the warm tendrils of the sun. This adds to the cinematic feeling of the song. His vocals also have a fuzzy edge to them that melds with the melody for a cohesive feeling that rests lightly on your shoulders as you listen. The lyrics fill you with an easy emotion while making you smile on the chorus.

Idler Wheel drops you into a fuzzy melody with hazy cinematic vocals that wrap a wonderful warmth around you in ‘Sun Still Finds the West’. The warm synths in the melody meld with the hazy guitars for a wonderfully lo-fi vibe. This combines with his vocals which are a light touch over the melody and send you soaring on the chorus.

Find out more about Idler Wheel on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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