SPIRITBOX – Alabaster (2020)

‘Alabaster’ by SPIRITBOX is leaving us quivering with anticipation for their upcoming debut album Milk. The single is a morose and emotionally devastating track that encapsulates all the good bits of this gloomy indie rock band. This sad song will have you spiralling within the emotional depths of the melody and lamenting lyrics.

This emotional devastation is brought to life by Nick van Eekelen (guitar), Ruben Schimmel (guitar), Hans Meertens (vocals, keys), Tomas Dekkers (drums) and Jasper Janssens (bass). Together, they draw deeply from the well of darkwave for narrative-driven sounds that you can’t get enough of. Having come together in 2018, they are already gaining a fierce following and were selected for Breda’s Most Wanted.

‘Alabaster’ slowly draws you into the band’s gloomy soundscape. There is a dark quivering guitar line that pulls you into the dreary sadness of the melody. The relatively simple melody is a delight as it sets the sombre and morose tone of the track. There is a light burst of guitar on the chorus that sears through your chest for a wailing lament. The melody offers a dark cinematic atmosphere that drapes an emotionally heavy blanket over you. Later in the track, there is an impassioned outburst that hits you with deep drums and screaming guitars.

As the melody sets the tone of the track, Meertens’ vocals continue the vibe. At the start, the slow movement of his performance offers a creeping devastation. You can hear the depression and sadness within each word. When the melody swings for the outburst, his vocals follow with an impassioned cry. The heavier rock stylings of his vocals are wrapped in anger and desperation.

If the single on its own did not get you into the vibe, the accompanying lyric video will. Unlike other lyric videos, it uses old horror movies as a backdrop while the lyrics emerge in ghostly white. There is a haziness to the lettering that complements the feeling of the music. The video is a real cinematic journey that fills you with eeriness and passion.

SPIRITBOX has you spiralling in their passionate lament and aggressive outburst in ‘Alabaster’. The single draws you in with an otherworldly eeriness only to explode for an impassioned devastation. The lyric video makes use of old horror movies to push the emotional impact of the single home.

Find out more about SPIRITBOX on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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