IDLES – Joy As An Act Of Resistance (2018)

Image courtesy of IDLES

Partisan Records present IDLES’ second album, which they are currently touring.  The punk-rock band have a fantastic sound that incorporates their old punk-rock sound with a new flare.  Their new album is fantastic as builds on their original album.

IDLES is an English punk-rock band who have just released their second album Joy As An Act Of Resistance.  Joe Talbot (lead singer), Mark Bowen (guitarist), Lee Kiernan (guitarist), Adam Devonshire (bassist), as well as Jon Beavis (drummer) make up this fantastic band bringing a modern twist to the old punk-rock sound.

This album is one of the best punk-rock albums I have heard for a long time.  All tracks have a great beat, and the lyrics flow well into each other; they are great to dance, as well as listen to.  I like how the musicians all work well together, support each other and create a great sound. The lyrics are relatable and cover a lot of issues that people can relate to and understand.

My favourite track is ‘I’m Scum’; it has a great beat, as well as fantastic lyrics.  The track offers a new way to look at life, as well as James Bond.  Followed quickly by ‘Gram Rock’, any Harry Potter reference goes straight to my favourite lists.  Each song has a different topic; each has a relevant modern point that is enjoyable while making you think.  My favourite tracks are ‘I’m Scum’, ‘Colossus’ and ‘Gram Rock’.  All great songs with great lyrics and rhythm.

I prefer Joy As An Act Of Resistance to IDLES’ first album Brutalism, which has a slightly different feel to it.  I liked ‘1049 Gotho’ from Brutalism though because it has a relatable topic, as well as has a great beat.  Other great tracks are ‘Rachel Khoo’ and ‘Slow Savage’, both of which have a great beat and rhythm.

Partisan Records has definitely found a diamond in the rough with IDLES,  and I very much look forward to their future music.  It would also be great to see them live and see how the band makes their music come to life onstage. Definitely take a listen to this great band via YouTube and Spotify.  IDLES are currently touring in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the US, so if you’re a fan get in quick to see them live!

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