Matt McChlery – Have You Heard? (2020)

Matt McChlery has teamed up with Kat Mills to take listeners on a Christian Christmas journey with his latest single ‘Have You Heard?’. Using a story-telling and inviting lyrical style, the single takes you on a journey of discovery through a Christmas landscape. Starting on the first Christmas morning, it works through sweeping choruses to invite listeners to celebrate the holiday with Jesus.

The single follows McChlery’s 4 releases through Homegrown Worship in 2019. McChlery has been making music since 2002 and draws on his own beliefs. Kat Mills adds her classical training and passion for singing to the mix for a more contemporary sound. Together, they offer a different type of Christmas song to the one you usually hear on the radio.

‘Have You Heard?’ has a light piano opening that sets a gentle tone. The melody continues its light touch with the beautiful piano line. There are soaring guitar lines that fly over the piano. The drum beats that come in have a wonderful flow to them as they add a little texture to the smooth flow of the music. The melody soars for the chorus before slipping back into wintery softness for the verses.

While the melody is absolutely beautiful, it is the vocals that really make the single. McChlery opens the single with a question before leading you into the story of the track. His performance is smooth and has this wonderful tone to it that rests so easily on your shoulders. Mills takes over for with her clear performance. The harmonisations on the chorus fill you with emotions and make you think of calm times watching snow drift down in gentle waves.

Matt McChlery and Kat Mills take you on a Christian Christmas journey with sparkling vocals and blended instruments on ‘Have You Heard?’. The beautiful melody is a light touch against your ears with a gentle infusion of Christmas softness. McChlery’s vocals are smooth while Mills adds a breathtaking lightness to the track.

Find out more about Matt McChlery on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

Find out more about Kat Mills on her website, Facebook and Spotify.

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