If By Whiskey – Higher Planes (2020)

Memory can be a fickle thing as we all remember things differently and are able to convince ourselves of things that are true or not. The different ways that we understand experiences are considered in ‘Higher Planes’ by If By Whiskey. The band looks at how often people talk past each other because they each remember something differently and how we all keep a flawed memory alive.

This glimpse into the human condition is provided by Aaron Overton (vocals, guitar, bass, drums), John Schnell (guitar) and William Kortbein (backing vocals). Together they form this musical project looking at all the highs and lows of life as well as the bittersweet emotions between them.

‘Higher Planes’ gets you into the vibe with a gripping light opening melody. There is something about it that makes you want to move your head to it. The melody continues to pull you down the single at this easy pace. There is a sense of nostalgia to the melody that works well with the subject matter. The melody has a power-pop vibe to it, but there is something more to it that makes you think of the open road or a deserted beach with the sun beating down on you.

Overton’s vocals add to the nostalgic feeling of the song. His performance has a lightness to it that hovers over you. His vocals with Kortbein’s backing forms an almost duet vibe to the performance as they combine to form a hazy layer to the song. Overton’s vocal performance is nuanced as he throws you back into memories and the comparison of it with others. The lighter melodic beats at the end of the single and the soaring guitar meld with his fading vocals to perfectly encapsulate memories.

If By Whiskey take you on a floating journey through memories and how people understand them differently in ‘Higher Planes’. There is a vastness to the melody of the song enhanced by the nuanced vocals. The arrangement of the single is amazing with everything having its place and adding to the whole for an extremely enjoyable listening experience.

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