Suchy – LayLow (2020)

Suchy is tackling a topic that does not get the attention it really needs in ‘LayLow’. Looking at coercive control, Suchy uses soul-filled RnB beats with a soundscape of strings and horns to bring this matter to light. Drawing on her experience of seeing someone she is close to become part of a toxic relationship filled with mental abuse, she sends out a warning to all abusers. The single also carries a message of loving and respecting yourself.

Pouring her heart and soul into her music, Suchy engages you with her fiery energy. Her unique style draws on the diversity of her hometown Bristol and continues to inspire her. Drawing on all aspects of life, she has created a single that everyone can connect with.

‘LayLow’ drenches you in Latin-inspired tones and horns that blast you from behind. The melody grabs hold of you and will not let go as you move to the beats. The guitar tones bubble up during the chorus while the horns come back at you after lying low for the versus. While the melody captures you and gets you moving, it also glides across your skin in this wonderful way. Everything comes to a head close to the end with a punch of sound.

Suchy’s vocals add to the groovy vibe of the song. Her voice carries this soulful vibe mixed with something that is so unique that you can’t really put a finger on it. As her vocals infiltrate your brain, the lyrics hit hard. The song calls out abusers and warns them to lay low. When the melody comes to a head, her vocals give way for a bit but come back with a vengeance.

Suchy sends out a warning and tells you to love and respect yourself in the funky but hard-hitting single ‘LayLow’. The melody is engaging and full of energy which is enhanced by Suchy’s vocals.

Find out more about Suchy on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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