Ifall – Too Long; Didn’t Listen (2020)

Ifall is the multimedia brainchild of composer and producer Caio Duarte who already has a vast catalogue connected to the rock and metal scenes. His self-titled debut was released in 2014 as a limited handmade print. However, when COVID-19 lockdown hit, he retreated to an improvised studio in his flat for his new album Too Long; Didn’t Listen.

The album uses an interesting mix of jazz, soul, classic and art rock that defies all attempts to categories it. The overall goal of the album is to take a comedic but cynical view of modern society. Each track on the album takes a look at a different facet of the world.

The album opens with ‘Don’t Ask’ which draws you in using a slow opening. The melody of the song is interesting with a driving beat at one point and melodic drives in another. It could be a bit overwhelming, but Duarte is able to hold everything together. There are a lot of layers to this opening track that really set your expectations for the rest of the album.

‘The Master’ has an acoustic opening that gently introduces Duarte’s deep vocals. This song showcases his vocal abilities in a way the opening track did not. You can hear the power of his voice in the build-up of the song. You also hear the range he offers as this song has a rockier vibe to it. There are melodic guitars and driving beats that get you moving to the beat.

‘Free Sex’ uses classical influences to draw you in with this hauntingly beautiful violin line. Duarte’s vocals are completely different on this track with a more theatrical and operatic vibe to them. Between the theatrical vocal performance and the piano-driven melody, you could easily imagine this song as part of a theatre production. Even the electric guitar lines have this dramatic tone to them that builds a sort of tension.

‘It’ uses a progressive opening that leads to an explosive melody to capture your attention. Again, Duarte is able to showcase his vocal abilities as he uses an upper range to match the lighter notes of this track. One of the best things about this song is the contrasting moments. There are times of tension and depth that move onto something lighter and airy. This interplay is artfully executed and makes this song a joy to listen to.


The next track is ‘Mr Artist’ and it offers a heavier sound. This song is slower and has this pleasant steady march to it. This is also one of the more emotive tracks on the album. You can hear the cynical and somewhat dark vibes through the vocals, harmonisations and melody. The inclusion of harmonisations adds an extra layer to this song.

‘High Performance’ takes you back to the rock vibes with a driving guitar opening. The vocals on this track offer a softer anchor for the melody that links the driving rock guitar with the lighter piano lines. While this is the longest song on the album at six minutes, it does not feel like it. The changes in the melody could be the reason for that, but the swings in the vocal performance could also be behind this.

The last track is ‘In All Caps’ which uses a gentle opening to ease you in after the rollercoaster of the last track. There is something very folk-jazz about the melody of this song. The vocals are also powerful and you are treated to Duarte’s full range. The gentleness of this song makes it the perfect ending to a captivating album that takes you through some interesting highs and lows.

Ifall uses a range of musical styles to take you on the rollercoaster of Too Long; Didn’t Listen. This short album is well worth the time it takes to listen to all of it, so don’t take the advice of the title. Each track uses a different musical style and you are treated to the amazing range Caio Duarte has.

Find out more about Ifall on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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