I’m No Chessman – Amateurs (2018)

I'm No Chessman band press photo
Image credit to Dale Fisher

I’m No Chessman is a four-piece alt-rock band from Bournemouth, UK.  They have just released their second EP, Amateurs.  The band members are Michael Rockett (vocals and guitar), Jason Wheeler (guitar and piano), Aaron Roberts (bass guitar) and Jez Lee (drums).

The EP kicks off with the track ‘In The Morning’, and it starts with guitar riffs; the piano kicks in, followed by a drum beat, the vocals start and are really good.  It’s about drinking and trying to forget about everything, hoping that in the morning they won’t remember anything about a certain person.  The track ‘Like Vampires’ starts with guitar riffs, bass guitar and drums.  The vocals then start and are amazing.  It’s about being with someone, but their mind and brain are somewhere else other than on their partner.  It has a great soft rock sound, and it has an awesome guitar solo at 2:13.

The track ‘Actors’ has brilliant guitar riffs to start the song.  The vocals sound absolutely amazing, the bass line is catchy, and the drum work is great.  The track ‘Tell Tales’ begins with a drum beat and guitar riffs; it’s about lies and wanting to hear the truth.  The bass line is nice and strong, and it has a very catchy chorus.  The final track ‘Alive’ starts with guitar riffs, the drum and bass kick in and it has a great rock sound.  The bass is very heavy, and the vocals are amazing.

This EP has an absolutely fantastic rock sound, is very addictive and worth checking out.  Amateurs can be found on iTunes, and you can follow I’m No Chessman on Facebook.


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