Lorensa – Strangers Instead (2021)

With her single ‘Birthday’, Lorensa had us considering the expectations we have and helped us work through self-discovery. Through her latest single ‘Strangers Instead’, she takes a look at relationships and the cycle we are all drawn into. As she looks at the relationship cycle, she considers why we open ourselves to hurt and how we can cope with the loss of trust in relationships when things come to an end.

While Lorensa wrote the single after her own breakup, there is a lot that is entirely too relatable woven into it. From feeling like you can’t trust relationships in your life following a breakup to the thoughts of why we put ourselves through this, she connects with listeners in a unique way. Created with her co-writers Libby Larkin and Joe Wood, the track brings throughs many of us have had to life.

‘Strangers Instead’ opens with Lorensa’s emotive vocals. Her performance tugs at your heart with the pained strains of her voice that makes you yearn for something that you can no longer have. She weaves questions that we have all asked ourselves after a breakup into the lyrics making the single relatable. The rise of her voice on the chorus enhances the power of the emotions of the track. Through the single, she helps you work through a hard breakup and leads you to the strength you need to move on. Listening to the lyrics, you are hit with the touching acknowledgement of the cycle we all put ourselves in when it comes to relationships.

Resting beneath her vocals is a melody that blends light pop glitter with a rich emotive RnB movement. The deep beats pound and vibrate through your chest while her vocals sparkle over the higher levels of the music. It is a moving melody that bolsters the vocals and helps the emotions hit home. At times, there is an electronic edge to the soundscape that creates the sonic feeling of the fractures that come with a bad relationship.

Through the depths of ‘Strangers Instead’, Lorensa askes questions we have all thought about and dives into the cycle of relationships. Her vocals grip you from the first moment as they fill you with her pain and longing before moving to the lighter feelings of strength and moving on. Through all of this, the fusion melody sweeps you up and bolsters the emotive hits of the vocal performance.

Find out more about Lorensa on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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