Indy Angel – Move On (2020)

After a break-up, moving on can often seem to be the hardest thing to do. Fortunately, Indy Angel is here to help with her debut single ‘Move On’. This stylish track looks at the back end of a break-up and the steps you take to move on after. It is also unapologetic about the fact that you can be strong beyond a relationship and emphasises letting go.

Using her unique voice and lyrical sensitivity, Indy Angel is set to make her mark on the pop music scene. Her talent for creating clear-sighted and engaging music has seen her write songs for contemporary musicals and other artists. With her debut single, she provides you with the boost you need to lift a weight off your shoulders.

‘Move On’ grabs your attention with some smoothing humming at the start before Indy Angel’s vocals hit you with this amazing RnB tone. This tone is bolstered by the deep beat that bounces against your chest. The melody is driven by her vocal performance for the most part, but there is this wonderful wubby bass that hits you during the chorus. There are also these lighter notes floating around in the background and claps that just add a little something to the melody.

The vocals on this track are so smooth that you can just slip down them. There is this sense of style to the performance that shows both the power and control she has over her vocals. The modulation of her performance helps to drive the melody of the track as it creates the melodic layer over the beats in the background. The arrangement of the song is wonderful and helps the lyrics stand out.

Indy Angel sets the bar with her smooth debut single ‘Move On’ telling you that you can unapologetically let go after a relationship. This song is unbelievably smooth and goes down a treat. She has really set the bar high with her soulful vocals and clear arrangements.

Find out more about Indy Angel on her Instagram and Spotify.

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