Onism E – My America (2020)

The soulful indie rockers of Onism E are sharing a worldly adventure with their fans. Eline Chavez (vocals) creates emotion-fuelled tracks with the help of Chris Vargas (guitar) and Chris Rodriguez (bass). Their latest single ‘My America’ takes a turn toward social awareness and change being their contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The song is swamped with the high-energy the band has become known for. The folk-rock twist to this energy makes the song captivating. The accompanying video will also give you pause and is well worth a look.

‘My America’ uses a melody that is a great combination of folk and rock with a jazzy twist to hook you. The melody forms a solid road for the lyrics and vocals to drive down. There are moments of soaring guitars that leave you with the impression of wide-open American spaces.

The melody sets a great foundation for the song, but it is Chavez’s vocals and lyrics that make this song. The lyrics are a combination of reflection on the current state of America and a protest against the injustices there. It makes you think about what you really want the country to be and how the current situation differs from this. Her vocal performance is emotive and cuts to the core of the track. The single is a smooth protest song that makes you want to be part of a change.

Onism E captivates you with a reflective look at the country in ‘My America’ and drives you to be part of a positive change. The folk-rock melodic base highlights the vocal performance and allows it to soar through you.

Find out more about Onism E on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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