Indy Mathews – Scars Within Us (2021)

Indy Mathews is really making a splash in the music world through the emotive tones of his debut single ‘Scars Within Us’. Combining commercial pop with orchestral elements, he delves into the breaking of a relationship with a soundscape that offers an amazing listening experience. Highlighting his emotive vocals and strong songwriting abilities, this debut single is one that makes you sit up and take note knowing that what will come next will be enthralling.

The sophisticated sound of the single has been crafted over months after Mathews honed his musical skills for the past few years. Having studied at the British Institute of Modern music, he improved his musical knowledge before diving into the music scene. Drawing on personal experiences and emotions, he brings expressive soundscapes to our ears.

‘Scars Within Us’ opens with a spacious feeling like the fog rolling over the hills blurring the horizon. The acoustic guitar is gentle as it plucks through your soul while ambient sounds build the background. The increase in instrumentation and tempo on the chorus gets your foot tapping to the rhythm. There is such an expressive feeling to the music that captivates your senses. You can feel the light touches of orchestral elements in the soft swells of the lower levels of the melody while the chorus brings a push of contemporary pop. The melody on its own is powerful enough to tell the story of the single, but that doesn’t mean the vocals are playing second best.

Mathews’ vocals rise with a captivating flow through the opening verse. There is a rather theatrical feeling to his vocals that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. He has an uncanny ability to reach into your chest with his voice and squeeze your heart while plucking at your emotions. His performance calls out with a pleading to work on a relationship that is breaking. The questioning of what has happened washes through you before the chorus gets you singing along.

Indy Mathews has you taking note of him with his debut single ‘Scars Within Us’. The expansive and emotive melody brings a masterful fusion of orchestral softness and paced contemporary pop. This merges with his sublime vocals that reach into your chest to tug at your emotions and get you singing along. Everything comes together for a single that you can’t help but add to your favourite playlist.

Find out more about Indy Mathews on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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