Ingaja – Blink of an Eye (2020)

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. You can miss something you have always wanted or grab hold of an opportunity, connection or dream. This split-second forms the foundation of Ingaja’s new single ‘Blink of an Eye’. Through her dark and creeping sounds, she looks at how these moments start and end in our minds and the power we have to change our lives.

While Ingaja made us long for nature to recharge with her last single ‘Quietness in the Air’, this one takes an internal turn. Focussing more on the human mind and its power, she continues to wrap you up in her dark melodic soundscapes. The accompanying music video builds on the messaging of the single through the visuals.

The opening of ‘Blink of an Eye’ has this vastness to the melody, but an emptiness as well. The deep ambient sounds flow over you while seeming to be lurking in a distance. The melody is full of these contradictions. It has depth while being light at the same time. You are also calmed by it while filled with this creeping sense of sadness. The soft waves of the instruments make you think of lying back and letting your mind drift where it wants to go.

Ingaja’s vocals enter as a thread of consciousness against this contradicting melodic soundscape. Through her poetic lyricism, you are drawn into the power of your mind and what it is capable of. Her performance has this searching quality to it, almost like she is reaching out for a connection that could take place at any moment. Overall, this is a song that leaves you deeply affected without you realising it as you listen.

The music video uses symbolism to reflect the emotions of the song. Ingaja stands alone in a vast expanse of concrete depicting the vastness of the human mind and what is it capable of. Through the visuals, the sense of looking for a connection seems to hit you harder. The simplicity of the music video adds to the rich soundscape of the single to take it to new heights.

Ingaja tackles the vastness of the human mind and the split-second you have for connections in ‘Blink of an Eye’. The deep melodic soundscape perfectly portrays the expanse of the human mind while her vocals search for a connection. The depths of this single will have you searching for something and marvelling at what you are capable of.

Find out more about Ingaja on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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