InRetrospect – My Last Breath

Listeners who discredit any and all forms of metal music are usually the ones who actually didn’t bother to listen to some of the current artists trying to stretch the boundaries of the styles within and the whole metal genre itself. So what’s going on?

There are quite a few artists within metal who are trying to take the best elements of different styles of heavy metal and combine them into something new. At the same time, quite a few of those artists also try to convey a more real-life-related message that goes beyond horror and magic themes (no matter how interesting those can be themselves). Based on their series of singles, particularly ‘My Last Breath,’ their latest one, InRetrospect can certainly be counted among such bands and artists.

The band has been becoming prominent on the UK metal scene since 2018 with a series of singles and shows around the country. The buzz they created has earned the band radio play from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Distortion Radio, ARFM, Kerrang Radio and more, and gained the band DSP playlisting with Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, and Apple Music, surpassing 100,000+ streams on Spotify alone. For its part, ‘My Last Breath’ just might solidify that buzz and spread it further. 

The song starts out as melodic metal as if Foo Fighters are dabbling with a genre to suddenly turn into a true metal screamo tune with some excellent guitar riffs flying all around. Only to repeat the melodic element again. Yet, InRetrospect, don’t just rely on their riffs and musicianship here. As singer Nathan Biddles says “greavement, isolation, and suffocation. ‘My Last Breath’ is a plea to our audience and wider encouraging the uprising against abusive behaviour, to take a stand against those who make day-to-day living unbearable. Outlining the manipulating behaviour in this track with the use of metaphorical drowning themes throughout, ‘My Last Breath’ is a search party looking to reach out and connect with anyone suffering in these circumstances…’My Last Breath’ is a beacon, a light in the dark, you’re not alone.“

For more from InRetrospect check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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