Jelaina – Already Alright (2021)

A lot of people want to change things about themselves in order to fit into the message corporate media and social media push. Jelaina are here to tell you that you can feel great just the way you are with their single ‘Already Alright’. The sparkling pop track is empowering and fills you with the strength to take on the multi-layered messaging that affects our lives.

As their first joint release, Justina Shandler and Elaine Ryan are not shying away from the big issues in the world. Coming together to write the songs they love and try to move the world and people’s perceptions to something more positive, they combine their musicality with great vibes. When they are not making music, they work on their initiative Sync Music for a Change. If the single itself doesn’t have you feeling better about life, the accompanying music video just might.

‘Already Alright’ plucks its way into your brain with something that is quintessentially pop. While you are caught up in the pop tones of the track, there is an almost tropical feeling to the beats. This gives you a warm feeling as you soak up the sunlight that is infused into the single. There is a positive shimmy to the melody that puts a smile on your face. The melody does dip at times but this only enhances the good vibes of the single.

The dual vocals are as light and sunny as the melody. The performance is like a gentle breeze softly moving your hair on a warm day. There is so much happiness in the single that you can’t help but feel it start to sink into you until you are brimming with good vibes. While packed with positivity, the lyrics touch on doubts that we all have before standing up and unapologetically stating that we are perfect as we are. This is one of those empowering tracks that have you floating on a cloud while lacing iron into your veins helping you stand against anything the world can throw at you.

Jelaina covers you in warm sunlight while the gentle breeze of their vocals fills you with the empowerment of ‘Already Alright’. The melody has a steady pop tone that is packed with happiness and warmth. The vocals hit a number of insecurities that many people have but lift you up and fill you with positive vibes.

Find out more about Jelaina on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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