Mass Experience – Sitting with Demons (2021)

Are you looking for the soundtrack to the end of the world? Mass Experience has what you need with their single ‘Sitting with Demons’. Drawing on some Woodstock grooves with a splash of electronica and synths, they get you partying on the roof as the old guard wakes. Woven into this party is a rallying cry to listeners to be true to themselves and stand proud.

This upbeat and empowering single comes from Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton. The duo met years ago and connected through their desire to fuse dance music with emerging technologies. Over the years, they have gripped listeners getting them bobbing to their beats and weaving to the cultural underground.

‘Sitting with Demons’ has an interesting opening with these guitar lines that draw you into a very groovy soundscape. There is a feeling of psychedelia to the melody as it swirls and wavers around your head. Mixed into this is an almost futuristic vibe from the electronic tones that all come together for a melody that gets you moving while creeping along the unknown. The organic tones create the grounded lower levels of the track while the electronic tones have your warbling to the retro vibes. You can easily imagine people getting down to the music while the world crumbles around them.

Little’s vocals are a higher level that lightly dances across the soundscape. Her voice enhances the retro feeling of the track as she seems to take you back in time. While doing this, she also paints the scene of the world coming to an end both literally and metaphorically. The lyrics have two edges as they fill you with the sense of things coming to an end while pumping you full of strength to stand against all the negatives in life.

Mass Experience hits you with retro tones while giving you the strength to stand tall in ‘Sitting with Demons’. This is a very interesting song because it comes at you on two fronts with the retro and futuristic vibes combining with the fight of physical downfalls and metaphorical strength.

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