Isolated Corners – I Know Something That I Shouldn’t (2022)

There are times when we feel like we are not alone, even when there is no one around. These moments have been condensed into the rock tones of ‘I Know Something That I Shouldn’t’ by Isolated Corners. After starting its life as a drum loop jam, the melody grew into a full single with lyrics that are reminiscent of thoughts flitting through your brain.

While there is a sense that you are being watched or not alone, who is actually watching you is open to interpretation. The single is the first off an upcoming EP that is packed with the high energy of Edward Tucker, the man behind the music. This musical project began in 2017 and focused on unsettling vibes in the first EP, only for his sound to grow into the aggressive post-rock tones that are set to fill the soundscape of his upcoming EP.

‘I Know Something That I Shouldn’t’ opens with a deep beat and chittering overtones. The guitar that comes in adds bounce to the music that makes you want to sway and bop to the rhythm. While there is a toe-tapping vibe to the music, it carries an eerie undertone that sets the hairs on the back of your neck on edge. As the chorus hits, the music gains a punch to the movement that punctuates the vocals. The dark rock jangle of guitars leading into the second verse gives way to a punchy pulse. It is a dynamically moving melody that keeps you on your toes, just like that feeling of being watched.

While the melody creeps with eeriness and keeps you on your toes, the vocals have a delightful post-punk vibe. There is an amazing use of vocal echoes that make it feel like the performance is coming at you from multiple directions. This enhances the paranoid sense of the lyrics that has you on edge while also having an absolute blast. Through the lyrics, Tucker easily creates the sense of being alone but constantly feeling like you are being watched. The combination of the vocals and melody is extremely engaging as you are drawn into the paranoid feeling of the single while unable to resist moving to the music.

Isolated Corners brings a creeping paranoia to an engaging post-punk melodic movement through the addictive tones of ‘I Know Something That I Shouldn’t’. The melody has a dynamic movement that keeps you on your toes, while punching the feeling of being watched into your chest. The vocal performance makes great use of echoes and the shifting shadows in the corners of your eyes. This has all been captured perfectly in the visuals of the accompanying music video.

Find out more about Isolated Corners on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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