Yana – Reach Out (2022)

With her debut EP Distant Shore, Yana unleashed powerful lyrics and melodies to transport listeners far from their daily lives. Her powerful lyricism continues with her single ‘Reach Out’ as it considers mental health and the importance of having someone to talk to. With Aidan O’Grady on drums and Keith Burke on electric guitar and vocals, the single highlights how the darkest times are made easier to bear when you have someone you can talk to.

While the single brings an important message, it is also the first release from Yana’s upcoming debut album. Using the atmospheric tones that her EP first revealed, she shines a light on mental health struggles, with a sense of understanding. Continuing the folk tones that left us reeling from her debut, there is a tenderness that helps lift the weight off your shoulders.

The strummed acoustic guitar opens ‘Reach Out’ with an authentic and peaceful feeling. The atmospheric tones that Yana is becoming known for floats around you and tenderly lift a weight off your chest. The acoustic and electric guitar lines lap against each other like waves rolling together and tumbling onto the shore. The drums rise from the depths of the liquid movement, creating a rising texture in the melody. All the instruments come together to form a lulling movement that relaxes your muscles and soothes your mind. It is a powerful melody that easily puts you in the right frame of mind for the message of the lyrics to hit home.

As the melody lulls you into the relaxed tones, Yana’s vocals wash over your soul. Through the lyrics, she acknowledges the struggles of mental health and how many people don’t understand, even when they try to be understanding. The grounded feeling to her performance is perfect when combined with the subject matter. It offers a steady wisdom while letting you know that you are not alone in what you are feeling. Burke’s vocals that call out through the background of the soundscape adds an interesting alt-folk movement to the single. As their voices combine for the light echoes of harmonisations, the understanding that others can help if you reach out becomes more impactful.

Yana works with Aidan O’Grady and Keith Burke to highlight the importance of having someone to talk to when struggling with mental health in ‘Reach Out’. The atmospheric melody carries something uniquely Yana in its tender acoustic tones. As you are lulled into the soundscape, the vocal performance is comforting and encouraging.

Find out more about Yana on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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