Israel Nke – Dream State (2020)

Israel Nke is dipping into his coloured past for inspiration with his single ‘Dream State’. Focusing on his experience in prison, the single touches on what his thoughts were at the time. Through a dynamic soundscape, he looks at feeling caged both physically and mentally, and the impact this has.

This is not the first time he has drawn on his personal experiences for his music. Weaving his story into an urban soul soundscape, he has you captivated with his emotive performance. A unique artist whose voice you need to hear, he taps into aspects of life that others neglect or overlook.

‘Dream State’ has an almost orchestral opening that gives way to hip-hop beats. There is an interesting flow to the melody as it melds jazz tones with an urban flow. This blending results in an unbelievably groovy melody that is a light touch against your ears. You can’t help but be drawn into the music that makes you think of the cityscape in the twilight hours. Later in the single, there are these light tones that rise form the depths for a delicate dance across your senses. It is a complicated melody that has an easiness to it that you can’t get anywhere else.

Nke’s vocals add a more hip-hop flow to the music. His vocals have a chilled vibe that brings the messaging of the lyrics home. The interplay between the chilled vibes of his music and the heavy lyrical topic is wonderful and is a great look into the world. His performance brings the anxiety of being caged in to the fore while searching for an outlet.

Israel Nke combines smooth jazz tones with hip-hop beats and his chilled yet soulful vocals for the dynamic sounds of ‘Dream State’. The melody swirls around you and pulls you into the soundscape only for Nke’s vocals to fill you with the emotions of the track. His performance brings anxiety and a search for escape.

Find out more about Israel Nke on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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