Wild Fire – What If We Never Met (2021)

When a relationship comes crashing down, you sometimes think that it might have been better for you to have never met the other person. Wild Fire tap into these thoughts and contrast them with the urge to make the failing relationship work in ‘What If We Never Met’. While the single looks at wanting to go back in time and never meeting someone, there is also a message of hopeful potential for the future woven in.

The sister duo behind the music brings the search for happiness and realisation, that the person who broke your heart isn’t worth fighting for, to life with a dynamic pop-country sway. The sisters add a touch of soft rock to their sound, creating something new and unique. This unique sound has already gained them a dedicated following and placed them on Spotify editorial playlists.

The opening lines of ‘What If We Never Met’ fill you with a really chilled vibe. The guitars seem to reach out to the horizon before twanging with the scent of an ocean breeze. The clicking tones add a higher touch to the melody that makes you bop to the rhythm. As the chorus hits, the music soars into the air on warm rays of sun. It is a very light and happy melody that you want to bop around to and turn up. The soaring of the chorus drops for the verses for a thrumming tone that pushes you further into the single. The energy of the music is really addictive and you can’t really get enough of it.

While the melody brings a warm wash to your senses, the opening vocal line is more subdued. The lyrics map the first meeting of people and the tender emotions of love that turn sour. The chorus is packed with hindsight and the wish to go back in time, to never start the relationship. This sentiment is packed into a really catchy performance that you might want to shout out with as you turn it up. The second verse delves into the fight to keep the relationship, only to lead you to the understanding that it is sometimes better to let things go. This brings a touch of hope for the future and the knowledge that you can be happy again because you now know the warning signs.

Wild Fire brings a wish to go back in time and stop a relationship before it happens in the pop-country tones of ‘What If We Never Met’. The music brings a chilled vibe to the single that has a wonderful warmth to it. The vocals draw you into the tale of the relationship, leading you to the knowledge that you can be happy in the future.

Find out more about Wild Fire on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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