Itlookslikeablackhole – Then They Became Dust (2020)

Since their debut album Ghosts in Your Blood in 2019, itlookslikeablackhole have been going from strength to strength. The band, consisting of Ryan Skaggs (bass), Ryan Fuller (guitar), Dale Means (guitar) and Todd Coleman (drums), played a dozen shows around Northern California and are building up to their next EP release. Their latest track ‘Then They Became Dust’ is their first since their album.

This cinematic release was produced by Ryan Fuller and recorded in Sacramento. The instrumental track has a soundtrack vibe to it and tells an amazing story without the need for any lyrics.

‘Then They Became Dust’ has a soft and gentle opening that gets you interested in the track. The melody has a vastness to it bringing the soundtrack vibe. The slow build of the track brings a kaleidoscope of colours to mind.

The song has a gentle tempo increase that builds up a story without a single word being sung. The track has an effortless feel that highlights the amazing arrangement. It also lets you down at the end as gently as it picked you up for a moving experience.

Itlookslikeablackhole creates a moving story with ‘Then They Became Dust’ through instruments alone. The track is moving with gentle tones throughout.

Find out more about itlookslikeablackhole on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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