Track of the Day: Blazar – Better

Everyone enjoys making their dreams come true, and BLAZAR is a dream come true. The brainchild of artist and producer Jerad Finck, BLAZAR offers listeners a unique experience combining the sounds of Gorillaz, Duran Duran and even The Killers and The Strokes. Only just over a year old, Finck’s solo project has seen collaborations with artists and producers like Jake Newton (Sleeping Wolf), Troy Welstadt (Pink, Denny White (Tiesto, The Fray) and David Filice (Run DMC). ‘Better’ is one of the first tracks to be released in 2020.

Using simple beats, ‘Better’ can get your toe tapping and shoulders moving. In addition to getting your feet moving, the track has a powerful message of motivation. Finck discusses the issue of mundane mediocrity and how we want to find something better; knowing that something better is out there and knowing you can have it if you are willing to make things happen. It’s difficult remaining motivated during this pandemic, but top tunes can boost a person’s spirit and help you realise anything is possible.

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