Ivan Campo – The Girl Who Dreamed (2020)

After meeting in Preston while studying contemporary music at the University of Central Lancashire, Adam Shaw (vocals, guitar), Ben Atha (percussion, clarinet) and Will Rogers (guitar, piano) formed Ivan Campo. They were first discovered in 2010 when the TV show ‘Skins’ used their track ‘The Great Procrastinator’ in an episode. Since then, they have been using their distinctive folk-infused pop to move from strength to strength.

They have just released their latest single ‘The Girl Who Dreamed’. It carries their unique blend of pop with a sprinkling of traditional folk as it looks at a fleeting romance between two unlikely characters. It is also the first in a string of singles released as a lead-up to their tenth album.

‘The Girl Who Dreamed’ hits you with the lyrics from the first moment. You are drawn into the song by Shaw’s melodic and captivating vocal performance. It is like a warm blanket cocooning you in the melody of the track. The harmonisations are artfully executed and add a great edge to the song.

The melody has a very traditional folk note to it. At times it is almost bardic in the use of finger-picked guitars. The melody helps set the foundation of the lyrical imagery which is vivid and utterly captivating. You can listen to this song so many times on repeat and never get tired of the story it tells.

Ivan Campo takes a more traditional folk turn with ‘The Girl Who Dreamed’ but keep their unique sound and bardic abilities. The gentle folk melody creates the perfect road for the vivid imagery of the lyrics. This song is a true pleasure to listen to and honestly one of the best folk tunes I have heard in a while.

Find out more about Ivan Campo on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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