Francis, & Her Fawn – Eyes & Ears (2020)

There are a lot of reasons why someone might lose their faith and leave behind their religious identity. These moments are captured by Francis, & Her Fawn with his single ‘Eyes & Ears’. The single is not a critique of religion, but a nod toward self-discovery and finding meaning. Using his own experience with losing the faith he had grown up with, he wraps this is a cross-genre soundscape.

The soundscape comes from Dillon Pfau, the solo artist behind this musical project. Starting as a series of acoustic tracts in 2019, the project has evolved into a blended musical journey combining acoustic roots with synths. Using this single, Pfau is introducing a larger project that will explore the theme of finding yourself.

‘Eyes & Ears’ lightly draws you in with an acoustic guitar with a slight country twang resting in a folk soundscape. There are airy vocals drifting through the background like a breeze gently moving a light curtain. The gentle melody continues throughout the single creating a sense of searching. You can feel the questioning in the guitar line as the drums roll in the background. While there is a sense of questioning, the melody also has a feeling of new discovery to it.

As the light melody breezes over you, Pfau’s vocals are a hazy line that wafts across your ears. There is a harmonisation that adds to the airy feeling of the vocals while boosting the questioning of the melody. Through his performance, you are filled with a sense of looking at things with new eyes and searching for an understanding of a new reality.

‘Eyes & Ears’ by Francis, & Her Fawn gently wafts over you as it draws you into a journey of self-discovery and questioning. The delicate melody creates a plush soundscape for you to rest into as the vocals lightly waft over your skin. The searching feeling of the melody is intertwined with a sense of self-discovery and understanding.

Find out more about Francis, & Her Fawn on his Instagram and Spotify.  

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