Ivan Moult – What More Could I Say? (2020)

Ivan Moult has unleashed the first glimpse into his new material with ‘What More Could I Say?’. The single offers a subtle shift from the purity of his critically acclaimed Longest Shadow. While there is a shift, the track remains true to the focus Moult has on the inner workings of love. Considering all the nuances and complexities of the emotion, he works through hurt and confusion.

There is a lot going on in this new single as Moult walks you through the pain and healing that love can cause. The song also sounds the begrudging sense of contented acceptance that comes over time. All of these emotions are neatly wrapped in his distinctive charm and nuanced style.

‘What More Could I Say?’ gets you into the vibe with some shuffling percussion. This creates a moving beat foundation that these light jangling notes sit on. There is a flowing feeling to this song as it hazily sweeps over you. There is a fair amount of reverb in the song, but it is not overpowering. This has been done lightly and offers that little edge you need to take the single to a new level.

The airiness of the single is boosted by Moult’s almost ethereal vocals. They sit as this floating upper layer that leads you through the lyrics and emotions of the single. The arrangement of the track is artful and encapsulates the mixed experience of love. At times the song floats away on positive emotions before slowing down to express the moments of disquiet felt while in love.

Ivan Moult encapsulates the nuances of love in ‘What More Could I Say?’ as he leads you through hurt and confusion to land on healing and acceptance. The single has a hazy feeling to it with this tender top layer of Moult’s vocals. Combined, it creates a heady feeling that flows through you.

Find out more about Ivan Moult on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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