Nick Byrne – Summer Rain (2020)

Using a mid-summer downpour as a moment of realisation, Nick Byrne lays out an introspective ode to heartbreak and healing. ‘Summer Rain’ looks at the moment when you see the path to recovery and the start of something new. While summer rains are not always welcome, they are a multi-sensory experience which is captured by Byrne.

The experience is felt in Byrne’s poignant blend of melancholy. Between his soothing vocals and vivid lyrical imagery, you are transported to the moment in question and immersed in emotions. While heartbreak is always melancholic, the turning point of the moment is wonderfully portrayed in the reassuring tones of the single.

You are drawn into the gentle nature of ‘Summer Rain’ with the soothing acoustic guitar opening. The sample of the sound of rain is a light backdrop to this opening further setting the tone. The melody remains gentle with this rhythm that is like the pattering of rain. It is a very soothing melody that has a light vibe to it which lifts you. The melody takes on an atmospheric tone with the strings that build up beneath the vocals.

Byrne’s vocals are soothing and tender against the soft melody. While there is a melancholic vibe to his performance, there is also a glimmer of light shining through. Each layer of the song adds to the overall feeling and emotion. They combine to create the multi-faceted experience of heartbreak and summer rains. This song evokes a lot of feelings considering its seemingly simple manner.

Nick Byrne uses ‘Summer Rain’ as a gentle ode to heartbreak and healing through the immersive experience of a summer downpour. The single has this simplistic beauty, but when you focus there are so many elements working together. This is similar to the different elements that make summer rain so beautiful.

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