Ivon Roberts ft A.M.K – Solo (2021)

Self-love and confidence are two things that many people struggle with. If you need a boost to feel them, Ivon Roberts and A.M.K are here for you with ‘Solo’. Using a pure pop blast, they get you moving to their sound while pumping confidence and good vibes into your veins. While a real self-love anthem, it is also a banger that you want to blare in the summer months.

Roberts and A.M.K. both draw on the journey of growth and self-care they have gone through this year. To bring this growing experience to listeners, they create this single using socially distanced means. While the track took a year to be completed, the message and the uplifting vibe are well worth the wait.

The opening of ‘Solo’ has a really upbeat and almost tropical feeling to it. From the first moment, you are filled with some light summer vibes as the beat gets you bopping to it. The good vibes laced into the music makes you smile while wanting to dance around. The bright colours of the melody provide the platform for the good vibes of the vocals and are just perfect. While there is a lot of warm good flows to the music, there is a touch in the low levels that pulses against you. This brings a light reflective vibe that helps you accept what the vocals are telling you.

As you bop to the melody, the intertwined vocals wrap around you like bright ribbons of empowerment and love. Roberts and A.M.K change up the vocal line with each taking bits of the lyrics and merging together for a delightful movement. Through their performance, they free you from the chains that hold you down and try to strip your confidence from you. On the chorus, they fill you with the empowerment to get out of bad situations and move on to a place of self-love. It is a really uplifting track that brings relatable moments to the boost you need to truly love yourself and find a place where you feel confident.

Ivon Roberts and A.M.K hit you with some summer vibes while filling you with confidence and self-love in ‘Solo’. The music has you bopping to the beat while soaking up the warm rays of the good vibes. The interchanging vocals connect with relatable experiences to pull you up and boost your self-confidence and find a moment to nurture a feeling of self-love.

Find out more about Ivon Roberts on his Instagram and Spotify.

Find out more about A.M.K on her Instagram and Spotify.

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