J. Adams – Slow Down (2021)

J. Adams is bringing smooth and soulful RnB vocals to some hip-hop and rap vibes with his single ‘Slow Down’. The track continues to showcase his wonderful blending of genres, influences and sounds. With a slash of neo-soul covering the irresistible pulse of hip-hop, he lulls you into the journey of the single while unleashing a blast of refreshing energy.

After spending years honing his skills and style, Adams was faced with some tough decisions in 2020. Through his music, he brings his personal journey to relatable stories and movements that sink into your soul. Enhancing his signature style, he brought the freshness of reinvention as he reinvigorated his music. Now, he is getting more and more people hooked to his sound that balances sultry soul with engaging hip-hop.

‘Slow Down’ draws you into a swirling opening of rich colours that have an untold depth to them. The deep beat vibrates from the low levels of the track creating a sultry tap to the music. Around these beats, clicking tones and twinkling atmospheric notes undulate against your ears and wisp against your skin. It is like you are slowly moving through wisps of smoke that are filled with seductive heat. The melody is a perfect combination of soul and hip-hop as the primary elements of the genres meet and intertwine. This creates a luscious soundscape that caresses your sense with the soft touch of velvet.

Against this undulating richness, Adams’ vocals move from smooth RnB to melodic rap. The different deliveries bring a wonderful interplay that is almost like there is more than one person singing. This showcases the versatility and prowess of his musical abilities. While you are drawn into the varying performance, the movement has you diving head-first into the rich melody. The seductive tones of the music are picked up by his performance and wrap around you like a warm embrace. Through all of this, there is a hypnotic cadence to his vocals that lulls you and has you sinking into the track.

J. Adams hypnotises you with the seductive flows of smooth soul and hip-hop that bring a warm embrace to your senses in ‘Slow Down’. The music is packed with rich colours that draw you into the sultry depths of the melody. His vocals transition from smooth soul to melodic rap while lulling you into the overall movement of the single.

Find out more about J. Adams on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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