Brosnan – Being Alone (2020)

In 2016, three lads from Hull decided to form what would become one of the best indie-rock bands in the north-east of England…or at least that’s what we think. Inspired by artists like Blur, The Cure and Pulp, Rory Moses (vocals and guitar), Jonny Rodrigues (bass) and Jake Haylett (drums) have an engaging, innovative and somewhat quirky sound. Gaining critical acclaim from various publications nationally and internationally, Brosnan is putting their best foot forward with their eclectic sound.

While Brosnan is compelling by themselves, the latest single ‘Being Alone’ is extra-special being released as the second single on The Warren Youth Project‘s Three Minute Heroes, Vol. 2. Collaborating with various local artists, this Hull-based mental health initiative connects musicians with young people who express their mental health challenges through inspirational lyrics. When asked about recording music as part of this project, Brosnan said “writing a song using words written by someone still in school meant we were getting a perspective that most bands including ourselves could never authentically capture. The phrase ‘being alone’ stuck out to us and became the hook that we wrote the song around.”

Reminiscent of Dodgy and Pulp with some New Order thrown in, ‘Being Alone’ is the epitome of 21st-century indie-rock. Moses’ effortless vocals complement the pounding drumming, dynamic bassline and melodic guitar riffs. Lyrically, ‘Being Alone’ is highly insightful and compelling; however, it is the raw, throaty vocals that enhance the sentimentality and sincerity of this poignant track.

For more from Brosnan, check out their official website, Facebook and Spotify.

For more on The Warren Youth Project’s Three Minute Heroes, check out their official website, Facebook and Instagram.

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