J.Ele – Will You Be Mine (2021)

The well-known frontman of Los Mocosos is stepping out with a mixture of Latin soul, funk and fun with ‘Will You Be Mine’. Drawing on his youth immersed in diverse musical cultures, he creates an infectious blend of sound that has you yearning for more. Through his sound, he captures the mind while bridging a gap that many of us are unaware of in terms of music.

Coming from a line of music makers, he draws on the generational learnings to form a sound that speaks to both young and old. An ode to his mentors and all the life-changing experiences we face, J.Ele fills us with a sound and message that resonates with all of us. With a touch of dance added to his fusion sound, he will have you moving and grooving while feeling the swell of emotion.

‘Will You Be Mine’ has you grooving to the sound from the very first note. There is an infectious party energy to the melody that slinks into your muscles and gets them bopping to the rhythm before you know what to do. There is a lovely slide of soul that merges with the danceable beat. This covers you in the bright energy of the track while offering the depth of emotion that really comes through in the vocals. The melody is a lot of fun to listen to as you want to dance around while riding the movement.

Riding alongside you are the vocals that blend styles and languages. The vocal performance is perfection as it highlights the brightness of the melody while bringing the emotions of the track to your ears. The Spanish vocals have this bounce to them that is wonderful while the English flow has a more soulful slide. The movement between the languages and vocals delivers really showcases the versatility and musical prowess of J.Ele. Every aspect of the track comes together for an amazing listening experience that you want to repeat again and again.

J.Ele has you grooving to his fusion sound with engaging beats, bilingual lyrics and soulful slide in ‘Will You Be Mine’. The melody picks you up from the first second and has you hooked to the movement from start to finish. The vocals continue the blending of the melody as they move from one language to another while bringing the emotions of the track to life.

Find out more about J.Ele on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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