Joseph Hunter Duncan – Always On My Mind (2021)

The knowledge of where you went wrong in a relationship and the urge to repair the damage generally sticks with you until you have taken the right steps. The moment you realise the mistakes you have made have been threaded into ‘Always on My Mind’ by Joseph Hunter Duncan. Using intimate lyrics and sweet melodics, he offers a plea to his past self to change and avoid the bad habits that caused problems.

With a sound that blends indie-rock and shoegaze, Duncan creates relatable music that gives you the push you need to stay on the right course and remember the problems past actions have caused. As part of his upcoming EP, this single not only reflects on mistakes we all know too well, but it also offers a taster of what he has in store for us in the future.

‘Always on My Mind’ pulls you in with a guitar line that strums through your brain. The shuffle of the drums below has your head gently bopping to the beat. Through the melody, you can hear the blending of sounds with the steadiness of indie rock washed by the lighter tones of shoegaze. It is a wonderful sound that has you floating and riding the lyrics of the track. There is also this tender intimacy to the music that makes you think of those moments when memories of the past hit you in the dark hours of the night. The movement of the music offers a reflective feeling that enhances the emotive impact of the vocals.

Duncan’s vocals are a smooth yet light touch that whispers against your skin. As his voice flows over the melody, it is like a gentle drizzle on your skin that brings a bite of emotion while relaxing something in your chest. His performance is unbelievably emotive as he draws you into thoughts of past actions and the path they lay out. The flow of the lyrics is like thoughts flitting through your brain as you reflect on the past. While there is a heavy touch of reflection on the bad of the past, this has been beautifully tempered with hope for the future. By the end of the track, you are filled with the sense that the past can be left behind and the future can be brighter for what you have gone through.

Joseph Hunter Duncan reflects on the past and brings the hope of a brighter future to our ears in the blended tones of ‘Always on My Mind’. The single perfectly brings indie rock to shoegaze for a soothing yet intimate soundscape. His vocal performance is touching and powering in its emotive flow.

Find out more about Joseph Duncan Hunter on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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