Jack Frohlich – Superhero (2020)

There is a certain false sense of security that is provided to teenagers through adolescence. Jack Frohlich is expressing his frustration with this and recognising that he is not as invincible as he once thought with ‘Superhero’. The energetic approach of the single lets you face the reality of the situation with a bit of groove. The underlying messaging of the track is particularly relevant right now as everyone is in some way vulnerable.

Over the years, Frohlich has developed a unique sound blending distinct elements of rock, pop and jazz. The relaxed soundscapes of his past releases have been left behind to take on the serious issue of this single.

The funky opening of ‘Superhero’ gets you into the groove of the track from the first second. There is an energetic feeling to the melody, but this has a laidback edge to it. The melody makes you want to smile while filling you with some good nostalgic vibes. The flow of the melody has you swaying to it as you listen to the melding of different styles. The slight twang to the notes combines so wonderfully with the strumming flow for a very distinct and enjoyable soundscape.

Frohlich’s vocals continue the laidback vibe of the melody as he looks at not knowing where you belong. There is a hint of vulnerability within his performance that weaves its way into the overall fun flow. The modulation of his performance adds this wonderful vibe to the vocals that echo the overall feeling of the melody. While taking on a fairly serious topic, he fills you with an easy and relaxed attitude.

Jack Frohlich considers vulnerability and a false sense of security against a relaxed soundscape in ‘Superhero’. The single has a unique sound that you easily get into as he melds pop, rock and funky jazz. The vocals have a vulnerability, but are relaxed and ease through your senses.

Find out more about Jack Frohlich on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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