Alabama Weather – Honey (2020)

Alabama Weather is telling a story that may people have lived in their 80s inspired single ‘Honey’. Using 80s style synths, they tell the story of a guy who is crushing on a girl but scared to make a move for fear of fracturing their friendship. On the other side, the girl knows how he feels and is getting a little impatient. This story is wonderfully executed by the duo in their duet.

The duo is more than a pop band and was started by husband and wife, Miika and Mary. The band grew out of their shared love for music after Miika found Mary’s secret YouTube channel. While they started making covers together, they are getting you down to the groove of their original pop tunes.

‘Honey’ sends the 80s inspired sounds to your ears from the first moment. The deep beats pulse through you as the synths flutter against your ears. The deep beats draw you into the melody and make you want to move to the 80s sounds. The melody is a serious throwback and would not be strange were it in an old 80s teen movie. While filling you with retro vibes, it also gets you moving with a funky flow in the lower levels.

Mary’s vocals are the first to enter with a questioning tone only to be answered by Miika’s vocals. The interplay between their vocals creates a conversation through the lyrics that is a lot of fun to listen to. The story of the lyrics is perfectly laid out through the vocals as you hear her exasperation with waiting which is countered by his anxiety over saying something. Through all of this is a fun and catchy thread that you can easily get down to.

The duo has also released a lyric video which brings the story to life in a new way. The video has honey running in the background as the lyrics zoom onto the screen. The music video combines with the single so well and makes you sing along without even realising. Watching the video can easily turn this catchy single into a karaoke favourite.

Alabama Weather hits you with 80s inspired synths with a modern twist for the fun and catchy ‘Honey’. The synths grab you from the first moment and lead you through a retro soundscape. The conversational flow of the vocals adds to the story of the lyrics for a fun listening experience.

Find out more about Alabama Weather on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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