Jack Hinks – Los Angeles (2020)

Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and producer Jack Hinks has become known across the UK for his introspective songwriting and cross-media experimentation. This has made him a staple across genres and scenes leading to his first multidisciplinary project and following single. He is now back with his next release ‘Los Angeles’.

The song is an exploration of sustainability and society. The single draws on his time spent in America where he was baffled by the scale of everything and felt alienated and alone. With the pandemic grinding industry to a halt, he was left wondering if the world will grieve or celebrate everything taken for granted. The track explores all these emotions and considers how we will lay the foundations for a better future.

‘Los Angeles’ opens with a gentle folk melody on the acoustic guitar. The light melody remains throughout the song and softly draws you along. As the guitar drives the melody, there are other instruments and notes that float in and out. The melodic duet of whistling and a violin is so peaceful and pleasant that it brings a smile to your face. While minimalistic, the melody helps Hinks’ vocals shine.

Hinks’ vocals are a light caress on your senses and entirely too pleasant to listen to. There is a raw honesty in his performance that is so easy to relate to and keeps a hold of you. His charming performance works perfectly with the introspective lyrics of the song.  

Jack Hinks takes you on a gentle exploration of society in ‘Los Angeles’ combining charming vocals with a soft melody. The introspective lyrics seep into you through his alluring and beautiful vocal performance.

Find out more about Jack Hinks on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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