The Cat Magic – Just The Way (2020)

In 2018, Laurence Matone (vocals, guitar, keys) and Alexei Hnatiw (guitar), two childhood friends, formed the alternative band The Cat Magic. The pair were soon joined by Stefan Hnatiw (bass) to create the fully functional outfit. ‘Just The Way’ is their seventh studio track and combines diverse influences including Prince and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The song alternates between looking at conflict, unease and the sincere surrender to reconciliation and togetherness. The track is the next chapter for the band and a step toward a more refined and bolder sound.

‘Just The Way’ wastes no time hitting you with the punchy melody of the song. There is a very 80s vibe to the melody with the undulating background and deep drums. The plucky piano adds a new dimension to the melody while the rhythm sections make you want to move to the beat. There are a few sections to the melody that almost seem like songs on their own, but somehow combine to form the fairground base of this song.

As the melody boldly plucks its way along, Matone’s vocals fly over you. His performance matches the overall vibe of the track and moves between soaring atmospheric notes and down to earth tones. The performance also drives the intriguingly dark lyrics home. The darkness of the lyrics is at odds with the upbeat and almost summery tones of the melody. This interplay is really interesting as it adds another level to the song for you to enjoy.

The Cat Magic hypnotise you with a catchy 80s fairground melody and dark lyrics on ‘Just The Way’. The song is a bold but refined step with plucky piano notes, atmospheric vocals and undulating synths.

Find out more about The Cat Magic on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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