Jacko Hooper – Why I’m Here At All (2020)

Feeling that you are not good enough is something that most people have encountered at some point in their lives. In ‘Why I’m Here At All’ Jacko Hooper looks at being in a rut and having these feelings infiltrate your mind. While working through these thoughts and emotions, he is also here to let you know that you are enough and that the people surrounding you are proof of that.

Hooper delivers his message with his signature soulful tone complete with a beautiful acoustic guitar. While he started writing in the comfort of his bedroom, Hooper has since gained a loyal and ever-growing following. He has supported acts like James Bay and Passenger while being invited to open for James Blunt at the Brighton Centre.

A soft yet driving beat overlaid with a gentle guitar opens ‘Why I’m Here At All’. The melody of this single is light and tender but with this drumbeat that you cannot get enough of. It adds a bit of pace to the single, but it does not outpace the slower vocals or emotions of the song. The slight swings in the melody are wonderful to hear and continue to hold your attention leaving you surprised when the song does end.

As the melody draws you along, Hooper’s soulful vocals drive the message of the track home. There is a raw honesty to his performance that leaves you aching for more. This honesty also makes the lyrics shine as you work through feelings of inadequacy only to be picked up by the chorus. Lifting your emotions and making you feel worthy, the song leaves you feeling positive about life and your place in it.

The single is outstanding on its own, but the accompanying music video is worth a look. The story of the song is wonderfully portrayed through what appears to be home videos. The haziness to these videos captures the emotions of the track. The video is really fun to watch and works perfectly with the single in a way that is really indescribable.

Jacko Hooper helps you work through feeling you are not good enough and lifts you up with ‘Why I’m Here At All’. The combination of his soulful vocals, a light yet captivating melody and relatable lyrics result in a song that you are sorry to have end.

Find out more about Jacko Hooper on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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