Skandra – Rivers (2020)

If you have TikTok, you have probably already heard about ‘Rivers’ from Skandra when it went viral. The fun pace of the single and the message resonate with everyone who listens. Looking at a story that we have each potentially lived inside, the single focuses on the toxic setting where you shrink to suit someone you love. It takes you on a journey through the looking glass and considers the muse that you need but who hurts you as well.

The woman behind the voice, Alexandra Duparc, started out in The Tints on keyboards and vocals.  She moved on to score films and kept creating her own musical projects. Over the years, she has recorded a dozen albums bringing her passion to your ears. This continues in this single.

‘Rivers’ is infectious from the first moment as this beat grabs you. Skandra’s unique vocals hit you as this great upper layer. She draws you into the lyrics and the inner turmoil laid out in them. There is a lightness to her performance that works as a wonderful counterpoint to the depth of the lyrics. The lyrical structure is amazing as you are smoothly led into the emotions of the single.

As her vocals flow over you, that beat from the opening remains and keeps you captive. During the chorus, there is a crescendo of sound that combines electronic vibes with crashing notes. The cresting melody leads you to a moment of Skandra’s vocals alone which creates this intimate setting. The intimacy of this section drives everything about the single home.

Skandra’s wildly popular single ‘Rivers’ is a treat for your ears combining unique vocals with skilful melodic arrangements. She makes use of her vocals to draw you in while the melody crests before you are wrapped in intimacy.

Find out more about Skandra on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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