Jacob Khalil – I Still Believe (2021)

Over the last few years, the world seems to have become more and more divided with little hope of reconciliation. Jacob Khalil is here to offer a glimmer of hope to the world with ‘I Still Believe’. Written while overlooking the Hudson River, he contemplated the fact that countries have the framework to be better because our ideals are founded on goodness.

Khalil states that this is not a political song and is only meant to unite us all through the love letter of the lyrics. With a musical career that started at the age of 3 when he sang at a traditional Arabic wedding, Khalil has gone on to study opera at university and performed professionally in piano lounges and music venues across the USA. Now based in New York, he maintains a busy performing schedule while releasing hopeful music.

The deep beats of ‘I Still Believe’ sweep through your chest before you are left to float in the soundscape. There is a very anthemic feeling to the melody that shines through from the first moment. The pulse of the beats punches into your chest and rolls you into the instrumentation. There are moments when the music gently howls with emptiness or a glimmer of hope. Throughout the single, you are led to the understanding that something good is waiting if you are willing to take the risk and grasp it.

This is clear through the vocals which are so emotive. You can feel the passion Khalil has for what he is saying through the impassioned plea in his voice. The lyrics ask why we are divided and considers how tomorrow could be better if we are all united. The chorus has an almost chanting vibe that lifts your spirits. There is a lot of hope woven into the chorus that makes you feel better about the world.

Jacob Khalil turns your attention to the glinting light of hope through unity in the anthemic flows of ‘I Still Believe’. The single is packed with hope and the passion Khalil feels for what he is saying. Through the song, you are led to question what divides us and feel the urge to come together for something better.

Find out more about Jacob Khalil on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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