Elgin – What’s Your Order (2021)

With a bouncing beat and groovy melody, Elgin has us bounding around to the summer hit vibes of ‘What’s Your Order’. A single about trying to please someone you like in any way possible, the song shines with the energetic and funky vibes he has to offer. While gearing up for his debut album, he offers authentic lyrics and real emotions through his infectiously catchy soundscape.

A rising pop artist, Elgin has been making music for the last few years after getting his start in Los Angeles. Drawing on influences that range from the King of Pop Michael Jackson to the enthralling tones of Rihanna, he wraps something uniquely him around each note. With a sound that is sure to get you dancing around, this track is definitely one you will want to add to your summer playlists.

‘What’s Your Order’ fills your ears with the bouncing beat from the first moment. There are serious hooks in the beat that sink into you and have you bouncing around with it or at least tapping your feet. These beats slide under the twinkling tones of the higher levels of the melody that bring a brightness to the track. There is a really fun vibe to the track that mixes with a light retro tone. The lightness of the music has you grooving to the tones while filling you with the energy of the track.

The bright and upbeat vibes of the melody that twinkle with bell tones bolster the metaphoric lyrics. Elgin uses an analogy of restaurant orders to talk about wanting to please someone. It is a really interesting take on the topic and makes it a wonderfully unique track. The use of this imagery also lightens the hit of the message which could be a little creepy. Through all of this, Elgin’s vocals are as bright as the music and just as captivating. There are moments when his voice gets a pleading edge that slides into the upbeat and bouncing flows of the track.

Elgin has you bouncing around to his upbeat sound while using food imagery to dive into emotions and pleas in ‘What’s Your Order’. While the melody is bright and bouncing, the lyrics consider trying to please someone in any way possible much like in customer service. His vocals are engaging and bop to the energy of the music in a really amazing way.

Find out more about Elgin on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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