Jacqueline Loor – Just A Memory (2021)

Jacqueline Loor is taking on memories of past relationships and the what-ifs they bring in her latest single ‘Just a Memory’. Using a cinematic synth-pop sound, she digs into the pain of memories and thoughts of what could have been to help you move forward. Through the single, she tells the story of the main character who can’t forget a person they still care about even when their toxic relationship has ended. Left with memories, they wonder if they could have worked things out differently.

This single continues the strength of Loor’s music which shone in ‘Just Let Me Breathe’. Through the music, she bares her soul for a single that resonates deeply with anyone, whether they have gone through the same experience or not.

‘Just a Memory’ pulls you in with a luxurious soundscape as Loor’s vocals wash over you in seductive waves. Her vocals whisper into your ears as she draws you into a feeling of melancholic memories. There is a richness to her vocals that drapes over you before you feel the full power of her voice. As you listen to the track, you are amazed by the power of her voice and the control she has. The breathy moments are complemented by powerful soaring vocals that throw you into memories. While her vocals have a cinematic and atmospheric feeling, they also have an intimate vibe that lends itself to the intimacy of the lyrics.

Weaving around her vocals is a sombre piano line in the opening that turns into ethereal synths. The synths hum through the background before the beats propel you into the power of her vocals. The melody has been carefully crafted to accentuate her vocals in the best possible way. The rise and fall of the music and the interplay between the piano and synths are a wonderful sonic flow of memories and the feelings they invoke.

Jaqueline Loor wraps you in the luxurious flow of her vocals while filling you with memories and the feeling of what-ifs they invoke in ‘Just a Memory’. Her voice is powerful as she moves from whispered intimacy to powerful soaring while offering a seductive flow. The melody has been artfully arranged to enhance the vocals and the emotions laced into the single.

Find out more about Jacqueline Loor on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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